Senin, 24 November 2014

[World Article] Myanmar Navy Launches Stealth Corvette

The stealth corvette of Myanmar Navy is made in Myanmar Navy UMS-773 Tabinshwehti corvette (Myanmar Navy)

Myanmar Navy launched Stealth Light Frigate Heavily armed Corvette.

The Stealth Corvette is believed to be armed with Chinese and Russian made weapons with Anti Submarine Capability.

The stealth corvette of Myanmar Navy is made in Myanmar.

Myanmar Previously has successfully build Two Stealth Frigate F 12 and F 14. Another stealth Frigate F 15 is under construction.

The Stealth Corvette aka Stealth Light Frigate's pennant no is 773. Myanmar Navy operates 2 other corvette with seral no of 771 and 772.

Myanmar has a economy of $ 65 Billion which is almost three times less then it's neighbor Bangladesh who has a GDP of $ 187 Billion, but Bangladesh has not made any stealth ship so far.

Despite Bangladesh's friendly attitude towards Myanmar, Myanmar is showing aggressive attitude towards Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Navy is currently going though a modernization phase which threatens Myanmar.

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