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Supply Tactical Mission System to Indonesia Defence

IFX Avionics, In developing IFX fighter aircraft, both countries will use the same core computer architecture, however the additional avionic devices will be provided by civil company. Infoglobal has been assigned to develop electronics and mission system for IFX aircraft.

Tactical Mission System, In IndoDefence 2016, Kafasharkan and Operational Director of Puspenerbal review Infoglobal’s Tactical Mission System. Hopefully, the Tactical Mission System can support Indonesian Navy’s CASA NC 212/200 MPA. Until now, Infoglobal is the only one company in Indonesia that can develop Tactical Mission System for Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

On Tuesday 7 February 2017, Deputy Commander of Navy Aviation Centre (Puspenerbal) visits Infoglobal. The visit is welcomed by General Manager of Infoglobal, Khoirul Huda and Chief Financial Officer, Achmad Fauzi. This visit is also attended by a working group of Puspenerbal, i.e. Wing Commander, Chief of Maintenance and Repair Facilities, Logistics Directors and some officers of Puspenerbal. The group is welcomed at Infoglobal’s Workshop, Jl. Raya Dinoyo 109, Surabaya.

The visit is aimed to watch a demonstration of Tactical Mission System that will be installed on Puspenerbal’s aircraft. Tactical Mission System has ability to monitor and identify ships sailing in maritim areas of Indonesia. Thus, it helps Indonesia Navy’s operation to secure the maritim areas.

The participants of Puspenerbal’s working group is very excited by asking about the detail of technical specification, features, and non-technical aspects of Tactical Mission System made by Infoglobal. Deputy Commander of Navy Aviation Centre, Kolonel Laut (T) Guntur Wahyudi said that he hopes the cooperation with Infoglobal can enhance the capabilities of Navy’s aircrafts, thus supporting the operation and training the Indonesian Navy both in peacetime and in winning the war.

The Deputy Commander and the working group continue their visit by review the other Infoglobal products, such as MPD, CDU, WCP, WPU, Hawk cockpit, etc. This visit then continued by seeing the production process, from designing, manufacturing the casing, electronic components until the process of testing the avionic devices.


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