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FPS Indonesia Handles Indonesian Military Supply Shipment

Indonesian military supply shipment from France [FPS Group]

PT. FPS Indonesia successfully handled a project shipment of ammunition to include: 3 VL MICA, 1 Exocet missiles, and weapon spare parts from Chateauroux France to Surabaya, Indonesia for the Indonesian Navy.

To facilitate the shipment FPS Indonesia arranged for a Boeing 747 through airline operator ACG for transport.

FPS Indonesia is experienced in transporting military shipments and has carried out many shipments for the Indonesian military. With the most recent shipment FPS Indonesia has handled:

 ☠ MICA and Exocet missiles from France
 ☠ 90mm ammunition and Tarantula vehicle from Belgium
 ☠ Oerlikon 30mm ammunition from South Korea
 ☠ C-212 & C-235 engines from Spain
 ☠ F-16 spare parts from USA
 ☠ Torpedoes from Italy
 ☠ Trimaran missiles from China
 ☠ Radar systems from Canada
 ☠ Military Land Rover and spare parts from the UK

PT FPS Indonesia does more than military shipments and has also worked with the Indonesian government to support the Indonesian Railway by handling the carriage of train cars from factory to arrangement sites.

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