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Approves Sale of Tanks to Indonesia

  'Spiegel Online': Government approves sale of tanks to Indonesia 

 MBT Leopard 2 Revolution
BERLIN (Reuters) - The Federal Government has approved the controversial sale of German battle tanks to Indonesia.

This is for information of "Spiegel Online" from a response to a request by the Federal Government of the Green MPs Katja Keul out. Then the company Rheinmetall have received from the secret, which meets Federal Security Council authorization of exports of 104 Leopard 2 battle tank, four mountains and three bridge-laying tanks and pioneer in Indonesia.

In addition, the defense company will deliver another 50 Marder 1A2 infantry fighting vehicle of the type to Southeast Asia, according to the report. These are older models of the type to be upgraded. The interest of Indonesia to the German tanks had long known the Indonesian government had already called in last fall details of the proposed deal. Rheinmetall has to date been kept covered. Green, Left and human fear that the tanks could be used in conflict with ethnic minorities.[Dk/DP/he]

 Controversial arms deal: Berlin approves sale of 164 tanks to Indonesia 

By Matthias Gebauer and Otfried Nassauer 

  Marder 1A2 IFV 
Berlin - The German government has approved another controversial deal, the German armaments industry into a crisis zone. Thus, the German company Rheinmetall received by the secret, which meets Federal Security Council authorization of exports of 104 Leopard 2 battle tank, four mountains and three bridge-laying tanks and pioneer in Indonesia. About the upcoming business had previously been the Reuters news agency reported.

In addition to said tanks the armaments giant will provide a further 50 armored type Marder 1A2 to Southeast Asia, in addition to modernize older models of the type for the deal. The previously unknown figures on the billion deal to go from a response of the federal government out of the green Bundestag Katja Keul, the present SPIEGEL ONLINE.

The interest in Indonesia has been known for a long time, but so far, the federal government had kept covered. Indonesia was first asked in the Netherlands for a possible export of Leopard tanks, the model is considered one of the most modern battle tank ever. There, but failed on the export Parliament, which made concerns about the human rights situation in Indonesia claimed. Thereupon, Indonesia turned to the Federal Republic.

Rheinmetall has developed the applications used by the German Army Leopard tank and the tank equipped with protective devices and systems for the street fighting in populated areas. Indonesia was interested in this version which is called "MBT Revolution."

Changing export rules

The possible deal with Indonesia was already on a visit of the German Chancellor in summer 2012 issue, then the Indonesian government spoke fairly openly about the interest in the German military vehicles. The Indonesian government said at the time of a routine renewal of the local armed forces and joined a bet against their own people, for example at demonstrations. However, human rights activists were alarmed. Indonesia is not a model country of democracy: In No. 100 the country is listed in the corruption index of Transparency International, Amnesty International speaks of massive human rights violations in individual provinces.

With export authorization for armored vehicles in third countries by the Federal Security Council, in which all important ministers are represented alongside the Chancellor, Germany changed step by step its earlier restrictive export rules for military equipment. So far has been that permits for frigates, fast or submarines could also be approved for controversial recipient countries, since it is difficult to engage with these weapons in conflicts inside or violate human rights. Armored vehicles, however, were taboo. "What's going swimming, which does not roll going," was the appropriate dictum of times the long-term Foreign Minister Hans Dietrich Genscher.

Meanwhile, however, also billion deal to be approved on tanks. In recent years, the government had justified possible exports to other autocratic nations like Saudi Arabia so that these strategic partners are in the region away from the issues of democracy and human rights, one for stability, for example in the Middle East for Germany played important role. Saudi Arabia, for example, is regarded as a strategic counterweight to Iran, the country also cooperates closely with German intelligence on global observation of international terrorism.

Along these lines, the government also established a further authorization for the export of tanks, in this case to the Gulf emirate of Qatar. There the defense company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann for around 1.89 billion euros 62 Leopard 2 main battle tank of the type, 24 howitzers, six armored recovery vehicles and three armored vehicles can run. Rheinmetall is the most important supplier for this business, which may also supply the machine guns, spare and wear parts and ammunition in addition to guns and weapons systems.

"Qatar is an important partner in many dossiers of the Federal Government and the EU in the region. It also has legitimate security and defense interests," the government justified this deal. Similarly, the rationale for the sale of armaments for a neighbor Qatar should read. Thus, the United Arab Emirates, according to the answer given to the MPs Keul Since January 2012, permits for the purchase of assault rifles and machine guns from German production, together with the necessary ammunition. In addition, acquired the emirate grenade launchers.


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