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Indonesia reveals details of Chinese sensors installed onboard KCR-60M vessels

Indonesia has installed Chinese-made fire-control, search radars on two of its KCR-60M fast attack craft. Equipment provides vessels with a more potent defence against hostile aircraft and precision-guided munitions KCR 60M PT PAL [def.pk]

In line with the installation of Type 630 30 mm close-in weapon system (CIWS) turrets, the Indonesian Navy (Tentara Nasional Indonesia – Angkatan Laut: TNI-AL) has also equipped two of its KCR-60M fast attack craft with Chinese-made sensors, consoles, and combat information systems.

Details of the systems, which were revealed on 22 July by a TNI-AL source at the service’s headquarters in Cilangkap, have been corroborated with Indonesian industry sources in Surabaya who are familiar with the matter.

Jane’s first reported in January 2018 that the TNI-AL had removed missile launchers and installed the Type 630 CIWS on its lead KCR-60M vessel, KRI Sampari (628), as part of wider plans to reconstitute the class. The CIWS turret is now situated at stern, where a rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) used to be positioned. Since then, sister vessel KRI Tombak(629) has been modified in a similar manner.

The Type 630 CIWS is a variant of the Russian-developed AK-630 that has been marketed by China Shipbuilding Trading Company (CSTC) as the “NG-18 30 mm six-barrelled naval gun”. The weapon can engage low-altitude aircraft at distances of up to 2,500 m, sea-skimming projectiles at up to 1,300 m, and can fire between 4,500 and 5,000 rds/min.

It has now been confirmed that the Type 630 CIWS set-up on both Sampari and Tombak include the Type 347G ‘Rice Bowl’ short-range fire-control radar and its associated fire-control console. This sensor has been installed in the aft section of the ships’ superstructure, and can track targets at up to 6 n miles away.

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