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English News : All about Leopard

 Indonesia does not buy Dutch tanks - 'harmful' relationship

tankIndonesia waives the purchase of Dutch tanks. The Indonesian army opts for German tanks. Defense Minister Hans Hillen (CDA) yesterday informed of the decision of the Indonesian government. Hillen 'deeply regrets' the Netherlands' a considerable amount is lost ".

In total, Indonesia buys about a hundred Leopard tanks from Germany. The first fifteen are expected to be delivered in October in Indonesia, according to press service Novum. The deal is around 225 million euros. According to the Indonesian Minister Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin Germany offered more security than the Netherlands at the point of delivery, time and amount of tanks, reports the Jakarta Post.

The possible sale of eighty surplus tanks to Indonesia was a hot topic in the House. A majority opposed the sale because it is feared that Indonesia would weaponry against its own population. The government wanted the tanks or sell, and pointed out that the human rights situation in the former colony is very much improved, although there is still tension in the Moluccas and Papua.

Green MP Arjan El Fassed thinks Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal (VVD) Germany should ask for the deal to blow off. "Since the caretaker government's decision" under consideration "and loves has forsaken other EU countries to notify of a rejection, it allows space for their existence to Germany or sell tanks to Indonesia, which still violates human rights" he says.(nrc)

 Indonesia ditches Dutch tank deal, goes to Germany instead

Indonesia has abandoned plans to buy 80 second-hand tanks from the Dutch army and has placed the order with Germany instead, according to local media reports.

According to the Jakarta Post, the government opted to do business with Germany because it 'offered more security about the delivery date and the number of tanks'.

A majority of Dutch MPs had opposed the sale because of the human rights situation in Indonesia. The deal would have generated €200m towards the defence ministry budget.


Kees Homan, from the Clingendael international institute, said he did not think the relationship between the Netherlands and its former colony had been damaged by parliament's reluctance to approve the deal. 'Indonesia will respect parliament's decision to block the deal,' he told BNR radio.

However, foreign minister Uri Rosenthal is quoted by the Volkskrant as saying the relationship between the two countries has been 'scratched' and that he would do all he could to repair it.

Meanwhile, the ruling right-wing Liberals have accused the Labour party of double standards over the deal.

VVD parliamentarian Han ten Broeke told Radio 1 news the party was part of the government both four and six years ago when frigates were sold to Indonesia.(dutchnews)

 VVD tank on failed deal: Labour plays dual role

The VVD complains especially the Labour Party that the sale of surplus Dutch tanks to Indonesia not continue. According to the liberal parliamentarian Han ten Broeke play the Socialists an 'extraordinary double role "in the matter.

Ten Broeke said Tuesday that the NOS Radio 1 News. According to him, the Labour Party 'butter on the head "because the party itself 4 and 6 years ago in a cabinet Sat frigates which were sold to Indonesia. The repeat orders that Indonesia wants to place, according to Ten Broeke come on the game now there are no tanks may be sold.

Ten Broeke, like the responsible ministers of the outgoing minority government of VVD and CDA disappointed with the ricochet of the deal, which was approximately 200 million stake. A parliamentary majority of the PvdA, SP, PVV, Green and Christian Union are against the sale of tanks to Indonesia, mainly because of human rights violations in Papua, among other things.


Indonesia chose to buy 100 tanks from Germany. Uri Rosenthal, Minister of Foreign Affairs states that the Netherlands has made every effort to close the deal. According to him, the relationship with Indonesia by the loss of sales suffered a scratch. "I will do everything to eliminate the scratch and the relationship with Indonesia to get back on track," he said.

The government saw no objection to the sale, partly because the human rights situation in Indonesia has improved. The deal also met the EU arms export rules. Furthermore, the Indonesian government promised the tanks in Java and not to station in Papua, where the situation is especially worrying the Chamber.


Green now wants the German government strongly evokes the agreement not to close. "Since the caretaker government's decision" under consideration "means and has renounced to other EU countries to notify of a rejection, let the scope for Germany to the tanks or to sell," says MP El Fassed.

According to the Indonesian Minister of Defence, Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin, is for German tanks was chosen because that country more secure when it comes to delivery, duration and numbers. The first 15 tanks will be refurbished in October in Indonesia expected. They come from Germany to continue until mid 2014, said the Minister.(volkskrant.nl)

 Make the Leopard tanks but planters'

Foto ANP
THE HAGUE - Defense Experts see no new potential buyers on the horizon for the eighty redundant Leopard tanks.

Now Indonesia buys its tanks from the Germans, the Netherlands condemned the Leopards in mothballs to keep in Almelo.

Rob de Wijk, director of The Hague Center for Strategic Studies, believes that "the Netherlands is quite in the foot has shot" by the Leopards to Indonesia not to sell.

''We can, I fear only of planters, "said the District.''They did that in the former Soviet republics at the time also. Every village there was an old tank where geraniums were put."

The District says "really angry" to be by the ricochet of the deal.'' Also Hillen no longer knows what he must begin with the Leopards. Indonesia met the conditions. We walk through the attitude of the House of Representatives 200 million in lost revenues, plus the subsequent long term damage such as missing out on a deal for the construction of frigates. "


The defense expert and specialist says safety is especially concerned about the relationship with our former colony. ''We continually offend Indonesia, while countries like the United Kingdom and France just a thriving economic relationship with their colonial building," said De Wijk.

Military historian Christ Valve thinks that the Netherlands is almost no chance to find new customers for the depreciated tanks. ''This market is so crowded, nobody is there more to wait," says Valve. ''Sales to Indonesia was a godsend, especially for the price that the country wanted for pay."

Unstable countries

Cover estimates that approximately 2000 'main battle tanks like the Leopard, in use. Ask exists only from unstable countries where the Netherlands according to the eight safety criteria may not deliver.

''But African countries do not really want to Leopards. Too expensive," says the historian. Moreover, there is stiff competition from Russian angle, those tanks like the T-55 and T-72's out the door does. ''Russians are less difficult and the Ukraine even sells tanks for € 50,000 to € 60,000 each."

Dismal future

According to Valve the Leopards hold a dismal future. They are conditioned kept in the arms caches in Almelo. ''Maybe parts of the tanks be marketed as the target equipment and electronics. For the rest, the Leopards are likely to be cannibalized."

The Campaign Against Arms Trade, who from the outset to oppose sales to Indonesia, said not another potential buyer to see. ''I'm not a sales agent, but actually there are no other buyers," notes Frank Slijper of that organization.

''And I do not think the intention is for the Leopards back into use." Demolition and junking the sharpener seem the best solution, especially when the old iron price is rising. ''It is best to be there on hope." (nu.nl)

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