Selasa, 21 Februari 2017

Indonesia Buys Russian Saiga-12 Shotguns

Image by Kalashnikov Concern

Kalashnikov Concern has delivered the first batch of Saiga-12S 12 gauge shotguns to the Indonesian national anti-drug agency (BNN). The amount of purchased shotguns and the prices are not disclosed. Judging from the expression “first batch” the delivery will be done in multiple stages.

Besides the shipment of firearms, specialists of Kalashnikov Concern arranged a demonstration of the new gun and training for the officers of mentioned Indonesian agency. According to Kalashnikov Concern, this deal has a strategic importance for the company in terms of expanding arms exports and establishing new business relations with foreign partners.

The letter “S” (Cyrillic “С”, stands for Складной – Folding) in the designation of the gun means that it has a folding stock. Saiga-12S was initially introduced with an AK-74 type folding polymer stock. However, later it was offered with a number of other folding stock and recoil pad options. According to Kalashnikov, the shotguns supplied to Indonesia feature a skeletonized stock (triangular) with a rubber recoil pad to effectively mitigate the recoil generated by 12 gauge ammunition. The receiver dust cover has a Picatinny rail. The gun also has standard AK-type iron sights and accessory rails under the handguard and gas block. Another feature is the enlarged magazine well.

So, judging from the description and image released by the manufacturer, I assume that it is the “031” version of Saiga-12S (shown on the picture above) or at least very similar to it.


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