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Indonesian attack craft complete test of C-705 missile system

With AK 630 CIWS China Clurit 641 (TNI AL)

he Indonesian Navy's (Tentera Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Laut, or TNI-AL's) first two KCR-40-class attack craft, KRI Clurit and KRI Kujang, have completed sea acceptance tests of its C-705 surface-to-surface missiles' fire-control system.

According to a statement issued by the TNI-AL's Western Fleet Command (KOARMABAR) on 24 July, the tests, which included firing the missiles at a target, were carried out in the waters near Lingga Island, which is located about 200 km south of Singapore.

The TNI-AL has, however, stopped short of revealing further details of the fire-control system or the type of target engaged during these tests.

The C-705 is a multipurpose missile that was first displayed by China in October 2008 and bears resemblance to the C-602 (YJ-62) anti-ship missile, albeit smaller and lighter. The projectile has a maximum effective range of 140 km and is, in its basic version, guided by an 8 mm active radar during its terminal stage. The C-705 is believed to be capable of carrying a 130 kg HE semi-armour piercing (SAP) directional warhead.

The statement by KOARMABAR claims that during the tests it assessed the C-705's probability of sinking a ship to be 95.7% for vessels with a displacement of up to 1,500 tonnes. Each KCR-40-class vessel can carry up to four C-705 missiles.

IHS Jane's reported in February 2013 that the TNI-AL's KCR-40-class missile boats will be equipped with an initial batch of C-705 anti-ship missiles purchased from China, before making the transition to a version built indigenously by state-owned arms manufacturer PT Pindad. PT Indonesian Aerospace was also reported to be participating in local production of the C-705 in the future but no details of the company's progress on this are yet available.

It is believed that TNI-AL will receive between six to 12 missiles from China by the end of 2014 to equip the first two vessels of the class.

Clurit (641) and Kujang (642) were commissioned in April 2011 and February 2012 respectively and were joined by two other vessels in class in 2013 - KRI Beladau (643) and KRI Alamang (644). Indonesia is expected to operate up to 24 KCR-40 missile attack craft.

Clurit and Kujang are currently under the strength of the TNI-AL's Western Fleet (KOARMABAR) and are expected to be deployed for maritime patrol duties in the Riau Archipelago once fully operational.

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