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Turkey's ASELSAN exports first bathometer system

Depth-measuring sonar systems to Indonesia. Kulac [Aselsan] ⚓️

Turkey's military electronics company ASELSAN has for the first time exported depth-measuring sonar systems to Indonesia.

The latest addition to Turkey's booming defense exports of recent years, ASELSAN will export its KULAÇ Bathometer System, as used in Turkish submarines, to Indonesia's Naval Forces Command.

In February, Turkey's leading defense system producer ASELSAN handed over the newlydeveloped and locally produced, land-based radar electronic attack system called KORAL to the Turkish Air Force.

A ceremony was held at the defense company's Golbasi facility in the capital city of Ankara, attended by Abidin Ünal, commander of the Turkish Air Force.

The transportable attack system has the capability to jam, deceive and paralyze hostile radars.

It also "analyzes multi-target signals and automatically or manually generates an appropriate response," according to ASELSAN.

Defense Industry Undersecretary İsmail Demir highlighted the importance of electronic systems given the numerous crises in the world. "We've seen how important electronic warfare is in recent wars," he said, adding, "We have full determination to continue existing efforts to equip our security forces with the most modern weapons." Turkey has increased efforts in recent years to eliminate dependency on external suppliers for its defense industry.

Ankara has spent over $ 1 billion on defense, research and development in 2014, making defense the sector with the largest research and development investment in the country.

The top defense export items include aircraft, helicopter parts, engines, armored-land vehicles, speed boats, missiles, rockets, launching platforms, light weapons and electronic systems including transmitters, simulators, sensors and software.

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