Sabtu, 30 Januari 2016

Peru, Indonesia seek to deepen defense cooperation

Peru and Indonesia expect to strengthen bilateral cooperation in defense, said Andi Rio Idris Padjalangi, Chairman of the House of Representatives' Defense and Foreign Affairs Commission.

During a meeting with Peru Defense Minister Jakke Valakivi, the Indonesian lawmaker said he hopes this can translate into cooperation deals to keep track of the agreements reached by the two presidents during a meeting at the COP 21 conference site in Paris.

Composed of 13 congress members, the Asian delegation was led by Andi Rio Idris Padjalangi and the Indonesian Ambassador to Lima Moenir Ari Soenanda.

Members of the Peru-Indonesia Parliamentary Friendship Group were welcomed at the Defense Minister headquarters in San Borja district, Lima.

According to Valakivi, Peru pays particular attention to Indonesia, the world's fifth most populous country, and whose naval development stand out in the Asia-Pacific rim.

He went on to add APEC summit will take place in Peru late this year and that President Joko Widodo is expected to take part in it.

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