Jumat, 14 Juli 2017

[World] Airbus Sends C-295 Maritime Surveillance Aircraft to Philippines

Now at Clark Air BaseAirbus C-295 Maritime Surveillance (Airbus)  ✈️

MAirbus Defence and Space is sending a C-295 aircraft in maritime surveillance (MSA) modification to the Philippines.

Another successful flight on #C295Worldtour, another team & guests photo. On to Philippines tomorrow,” Airbus said in its official micro blogging account on July 10 in Malaysia. The said aircraft is in a two-week five Asian nations demo tour which include Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and South Korea.

Airbus is an active participant in the ongoing Long-range patrol aircraft (2) acquisition project of the Department of National Defense (DND)-Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for Philippine Air Force (PAF).

Airbus is offering a C-295 variant for the said acquisition project of DND-AFP.

Bid Submission and Opening for the mentioned acquisition project is scheduled on July 21 as part of AFP Modernization First Horizon.

PAF is currently operating 3 C-295 in medium lift aircraft modification.


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