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'Freedom flotilla' will sail to West Papua

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/62/Freedom_Flotilla_banner_for_press.jpgAUSTRALIAN and West Papuan activists are set to sail to the disputed Indonesian territory of West Papua without permission.

The "peace mission" has united Aboriginal and Papuan activists in support of the West Papuan independence struggle and will see 15 sailors leave on Saturday in a "freedom flotilla" of two yachts headed for the town of Merauke.

Entry into Indonesian waters by the sailors without permission could lead to their arrest.

Although the sailors say they are still "communicating with Jakarta" in an attempt to get permission, they have been denied visas and permits by Indonesian consulates in Australia and some say they are prepared to "go all the way".

They will be carrying "original nation passports" issued by Aboriginal supporters, with stamps issued by a Melbourne representative of the Federated Republic of West Papua, which regards itself as a government in exile.

Adding to the international sensitivity of the flotilla, at least one of the crew members, Amos Wainggai, is one of about 40 West Papuan refugees who arrived by canoe in Australia in 2006 and whose protection by Australia caused a row with Indonesia.

The flotilla plan grew out the identification by West Papuan refugees and Arabunna Aboriginal elder "Uncle" Kevin Buzzacott of "dreamtime stories that travel down from the north and go back up to the north".

"We didn't know about the trauma that was (being done) to them by the Indonesians," Mr Buzzacott said from Cairns yesterday. "We have a responsibility to care for our brothers and sisters from across the water."

Mr Buzzacott left his country of origin, Lake Eyre, in late July with a convoy of West Papuan and other activists, bringing "ceremonial water" to hand to West Papuan elders.

Flotilla spokeswoman Izzy Brown agreed the sailors were concerned about the possible response of Indonesian authorities.

She said the mission was peaceful and while safe passage had been requested, if it were not provided some sailors would "go all the way".

West Papua was claimed by Indonesia after a UN-brokered "act of free choice" in 1969 widely considered to have been stage-managed by the Indonesian military.

The Indonesian embassy did not respond to a request for comment yesterday.

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  1. peringatan untuk penambahan alutsista melebihi MEF sekarang juga!!! percuma pakai alutsista barat dan israel kalau akhirnya ditusuk dari belakang!!!!

  2. Ya tunggu aja bang pemimpin yg tdk terkonteminasi oleh AS, baru nanti akan kelihatan policenya dan akan memberikan porsi keoada semua bangsa utk berhubungan dg Indonesia bukan satu pintu serta pintu yg lain agak ditutup. Salam NKRI....................

  3. Bangsa Indonesia hrs hati2 menyikapi hal ini krn ini jelas mrpkan provokasi mereka utk mendptkan pengakuan internasional. kalau kita terlalu overacting, pasti mereka akan mndptkan pengakuan internasional. kita cuma perlu menyikapinya dgn peraturan yg sama diterapkan dgn warga negara lain seperti kapal nelayan ilegal dll yaitu menangkap kapal tersebut utk disandarkan lalu menyita barang2 ilegal spt kamera, foto, HP,buku2 dgn sangkaan mata2 baru kemudian melepaskan mereka ke negara asal.


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