Minggu, 04 September 2016

[World] Philippines acquiring 2 warships it can reproduce in future


Hyundai Heavy Industries of South Korea was reportedly awarded to build Philippine Navy’s 2 brand-new frigates under the Frigate Acquisition Program of the government. Contract for the said program is expected to be signed by the Philippine government and the South Korean shipbuilder within 2 weeks.

In a Supplemental Bid Bulletin informing prospective bidders of changes in the bidding documents including the Technical Specifications of the Frigate Acquisition Program released February 2 this year, the Department of National Defense stipulated that the government is acquiring frigates with design that the Philippine Navy can have ownership or license to manufacture/build in future.

The revised technical specification also showed that the frigates should be at least 95 meters long and have a displacement of at least 2000 tons.

The frigates should also able to “survive at Sea State 7”, previously “able to operate at Sea State 6”; with no degradation of anti-air, anti-surface, and electronic warfare capabilities at Sea State 5 and no degradation of anti-submarine warfare capability at Sea State 4.

It will be capable of accomodating a 12-ton helicopter (from 10-ton) at flight deck, and should also have a hangar for a 10-ton helicopter.


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