Jumat, 05 Mei 2017

[World] BRP Tarlac in a Minor Accident, Again

First accident, Photo handout of the Naval Forces Western Mindanao shows that the BRP-Tarlac (LD-601) suffered minor damage in her right forward bulwark and side ramp after a foreign-owned tanker bumped the Navy boat on Tuesday. (NFWM photo) ★

I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but there are initial reports that the BRP Tarlac had been involved in an accident with the BRP Del Pilar at the Manila South Harbor.

Reportedly the Del Pilar hit either the Port or Starboard Quarter (meaning the rear area of the ship) resulting in a small hole measuring 19" x 5".

This is the second accident involving the Tarlac, good thing that it is just minor also. If anybody are near the Manila South Harbor area, kindly share your pics of the damaged area if you can.

Hopefully we can get official or media confirmation of this in the next couple of days.


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