Selasa, 18 Oktober 2016

Indonesian Warships Arrive for Joint Exercise

Helang Laut ExerciseKRI USH 359 [BT]

TWO Indonesian warships berthed at the Muara Naval Base yesterday in preparation for a joint exercise this week with the Royal Brunei Navy.

The KRI Usman Harun-359 and KRI Terapang-648, carrying a total of 120 sailors from the country’s Eastern Region Fleet naval base in Surabaya, East Java, arrived at 9am on Sunday.

Speaking at the Muara Naval Base, the commanding officer of the KRI Usman Harun-359, Navy Colonel (P) Alan Dahlan, said under the codename Helang Laut 17B, this will be the 17th joint naval exercise between the two navies. It is scheduled to run until October 19 in Brunei waters.

We will share best practices and strengthen our friendship,” said Navy Colonel (P) Alan.

As both nations are members of ASEAN, we want to further strengthen our relations for better communication and coordination in the future.

During the training, both parties will be focusing on technical matters and strategies based on the selected reference and standard operating procedures for the joint naval exercise.

The KRI Usman Harun is a UK-made multi-role light frigate while the KRI Terapang is a fast patrol ship built in Indonesia.

When the ships docked at the naval base, some officers and staff of the Indonesian embassy along with their family members had the opportunity to visit one of the naval vessels.

The entourage is scheduled to return to Indonesia on October 22.


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