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Indonesia to sharpen surface warfare capabilities at RIMPAC exercise

Indonesia is preparing to deploy its lead Diponegoro-class corvette to RIMPAC 2016 in Hawaii. Exercise will further enhance the platform's ability to interoperate with navies internationally. http://www.janes.com/images/assets/836/60836/1294972_-_main.jpgThe TNI-AL's lead Diponegoro-class corvette will participate at the RIMPAC 2016 naval exercises in Hawaii. Source: Guy Toremans  ☆

The Indonesian Navy (Tentara Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Laut, or TNI-AL) is preparing to deploy a surface combatant for the first time to Hawaii for the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2016 naval exercise with the intention of improving its surface warfare capabilities in a multinational setting.

The service confirmed with IHS Jane's on 31 May that it will be sending the lead Diponegoro (Sigma)-class corvette (365) for the drills. The vessel, which was commissioned in 2007, features a 76 mm main gun and launchers that can deploy the MBDA MM 40 Exocet anti-ship missiles, according to IHS Jane's Fighting Ships .

However, the service was not able to confirm whether Diponegoro will be flexing its missile capabilities at RIMPAC. "The main purpose of this deployment is to improve the surface warfare skills and knowledge of the vessels crew and their ability to interoperate with vessels from other countries," said a representative from the TNI-AL's Eastern Fleet (KOARMATIM's) office of communications.

"There may be opportunities for other exercises, such as helicopter cross-deck landings and anti-submarine warfare drills, but this will have to depend on the organisers," he added. Diponegoro can accommodate one helicopter, such as the Bolkow BO-105, on its flight deck.

RIMPAC 2016 will take place in and around the waters of Hawaii and is scheduled to run from June to July 2016. This will be the fourth iteration of RIMPAC in which Indonesia is participating. The TNI-AL deployed its landing platform dock ship, KRI Banda Aceh (593) in 2014. It was the first Indonesian ship to participate in the multinational exercise, after having sent only ground troops for the 2012 and 2010 iterations.

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