Senin, 28 November 2016

[Foto] Rheinmetall LEOPARD 2 Simulators

Transfers to Indonesia

Rheinmetall formally transferred its LEOPARD 2A4 RI simulators to the Indonesian Armed Forces following a successful site acceptance test on 17 March 2016. By April, future trainers were already being trained at the Army School in Bandung to use the modern simulation technology.

The Indonesian military contracted with Rheinmetall in May 2014 to supply it with state-of-the-art simulation technology for training its armoured corps. In an order worth several million euros, the Simulation and Training business unit of Rheinmetall Defence Electronics, developed and fabricated driver and ballistic simulators for training Indonesian LEOPARD 2 crews.

The LEOPARD Gunnery Skills Trainer (LGST) and Driver Training Simulator (DTS) are systems specifically designed for training LEOPARD 2A4 tank crews, primarily commanders, gunners and drivers.

In developing these simulators, Rheinmetall employed its advanced TacSi technology. One of the world’s leading defence contractors, Rheinmetall was able to draw both on its unsurpassed LEOPARD 2 expertise and its superb simulation skills, combining both with serious gaming technologies. As a result, Rheinmetall simulation systems now bring together the visualisation strengths of the game engine with the high-fidelity reproduction of its simulators.

A further advantage of Rheinmetall systems: Multiple simulators can be networked together to enable tactical training at platoon and company level.

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