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New Opportunities for PAL Indonesia and Garda Persada

After Indo Defence Expo 2016 PAL president director Firman Arifin, Boustead Naval Shipyard executive deputy chairman Tan Sri Dato' Seri Ahmad Ramli Mohd Nor and Garda Persada president director Umi Kalsum signed a memorandum of understanding.

PAL will design and produce ships at Boustead Naval Shipyard for the Malaysian Navy, which expressed interest in cooperating with the company after it saw the warships it built for the Philippines. Firman hopes the process will begin this year.

"Based on our project with the Philippines, we managed to spend two years on the whole process of shipbuilding and testing. It will be pretty much the same in this project," Firman said.

According to Nor, the Malaysian government fully encourages international cooperation. Fajar Harry Sampurno of the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises said the Indonesian government also fully supports the cooperation.

Malaysia and Indonesia also cooperated in the 1990s, when Indonesia bought CN-235 aircraft. However, that cooperation had stopped due to the 1997 financial crisis. and Garda Persada will initially cooperate on local projects. Garda will supply batteries for PAL's ships, especially submarines. If the trial is successful, PAL and Garda Persada will also work together on international projects.

Umi said Garda will provide its latest battery technology – 500-kilogram batteries consisting of 480 cells that can last up to eight years.

Garda Persada is the first and only company in the country with expertise on batteries for the vehicles, aircraft, radios and ships used by the Indonesian Miliary (TNI).

According to Fajar, PAL and Garda's partnership is an example of the ongoing consolidation process in Indonesia's defense sector.

  ★ The Jakarta Globe  

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