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Extended Production of French Nexter’s CAESAR 155mm SPH

Nexter System's CAESAR 155mm TNI AD [def.pk] ★

In September 2011, Saudi Arabia placed an order worth $210 million for an additional 32 CAESAR weapon systems. Deliveries under order reportedly began in late 2013. This order was in addition to the 100 CAESAR systems already fielded by the Saudi Arabian National Guard. Nexter reportedly completed final deliveries under the follow-on order during the first half of last year.

In February 2017, the Indonesian Army placed an order for an additional 18 CAESAR systems. This order will increase the total Indonesian inventory to 55 CAESAR systems.

In May 2017, Denmark placed an order for an additional 15 CAESAR systems, with an option for another six systems. This order will increase the Danish Army inventory to at least 33 CAESAR systems.

The CAESAR weapon system provides unique advantages as a rapidly deployable medium force option on the battlefield. This characteristic gives the CAESAR strong sales potential on the international market. Further, the recent expansion into the European and Southeast Asian markets, as well as the continued patronage of Saudi Arabia, signals growing consumer confidence in Nexter's self-propelled artillery offering.

Beside the currently used 6x6 version, an 8x8 version is also marketed by Nexter, along its Trajan towed howitzer.

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