Kamis, 26 April 2018

PTDI Offered Convertion of 3 RMAF's CN-235 into MPA

MPA and Upgrades RMAF CN-235 transport aircraft [Stephen Fox] ★

No contracts for the upgrades of the Nuri, Hawks and Hercules were signed at the recently concluded DSA 2018 although it was promised ahead of the show. However Indonesian Aerospace the manufacturer of RMAF CN-235s was awarded a three year MRO contract by the government.

What’s interesting is that the MRO contract provided for the conversion of three out of the six CN-235 transporters in service into MPAs. The seventh CN-235 is configured for VIP transport. The eight aircraft was written off after it ditched near Kuala Selangor in Dec. 2016.

However the conversion program will depend on the availibility of funds and the government has yet to indicate when money will be allocated. Indonesian Aerospace says that it will fit the Thales AMASCOS system on the CN-235s. No word however whether this will be brand new ones or the ones fitted on the King Airs.

Indonesian Aerospace has marketed new built CN-235 MPAs to Malaysia for some time now. The conversion program might well be the second prize.

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