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Britain Ready to Transfer Technology Under Defense Cooperation

https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-z9wadb-5Pdo/V-kbl2_rBxI/AAAAAAAAJCk/Nbrnu543BywFltCpPD4XswgDaddJRV8-gCPcB/s1600/14192720_hawk%2Bdef.pk.jpgHawk TNI AU

The British government would be ready to transfer technology under sustainable defense cooperation with Indonesia.

"What we are looking for is sustainable cooperation that would last long for years. Transfer of technology could be carried out only under long term cooperation," Director of Regional Trade Department of the British Defense and Security Organization Alexis Hammer said.

Indonesia is already among five largest markets of British defense industry, Hammer told ANTARA News Agency at the Indo Defence Expo here on Thursday.

Hammer said the British government is interested in cooperation with Indonesia to transfer aviation, maritime, and cyber technology.

Indonesia has for around 20 years used British BAE System Hawk fighter aircraft for its navy, and the two countries have routinely exchanged military visits, he cited.

The use Hawk aircraft by the Indonesian navy is a model of sustainable cooperation, he said, adding, "We would be interested in expanding technology cooperation on that platform."

In addition to transfer of technology, Britain also wanted cooperation in defense industry with Indonesia, he said.

"We are not only interested in transfer of technology but we also want to encourage Indonesian companies to expand operation to Britain," he said.

Indonesian companies could visit www.contracts.mod.uk to find information about business in defense industry offered by the British government, he said.

"We want to make sure that Indonesian companies have access to the market the same as British companies," he said.

In December this year, the British government plans to bring a number of British companies to Indonesia to seek cooperation in defense industry.

Indo Defence Expo and Forum, to last in Nov 2-5 is participated in by 844 domestic and international companies.

Indonesian Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu said he hoped the largest defense industry fair in Indonesia would contribute not only to strengthening the countrys defense, but also to the countrys economic sector as well as research and technology. (*)

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