Rabu, 21 Oktober 2015

ROSTEC Offers Various Marines Vehicles and Air Defence System to Indonesia

PTS-4 tracked amphibious carriers (photo : obramba)

The Russian arms trading agency Open Joint Stock Company Rosoboronexport, part of the Russian Technologies State Corporation (ROSTEC) has offered the Indonesian authorities to supply additional Kurganmashzavod JSC BMP-3F infantry fighting vehicles aimed for the country’s Marine Corps.
BTR-80A 8×8 armoured personnel carriers (Kaskus Militer)

The agency also is proposing to deliver JSC Arzamas Engineering Plant BTR-80A 8×8 armoured personnel carriers, JSC “Research and production corporation UralVagonZavod PTS-4 tracked amphibious carriers and KBP Instrument Design Bureau Pantsyr-S1 mobile combined missile and gun air defence systems to Indonesia.

BMP-3F combat vehicle is equipped with a turret armed with 2A70 100 mm gun, 2A72 30-mm automatic cannon with double-belt feeding and PKTM 7.62-mm machine gun, mounted coaxially with the gun.
BMP-3F infantry fighting vehicles (Okezone)

Other equipment includes fire control system featuring SOZH gunner’s sight, TKN-AI commander’s sight and a ballistic computer; elevation and traverse drives, situational awareness system, communications, 902V smoke grenade launching system, Shtora-1 active protection system or Arena-E defensive aids suite,
Pantsyr-S1 mobile combined missile and gun air defence systems (tarihiolaylar)

The BMP-3 turret can be equipped with Vesna-K thermal imaging sight and Eagle Eye commander’s panoramic thermal imaging sight at customer’s request.

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