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PT DI to Increase Synergy in Weapons Procurement

Helikopter Cougar TNI AU [Remigus Septian]

The Air Force and state-owned aircraft manufacturer PT Dirgantara Indonesia (DI) have pledged to enhance synergy in tackling challenges to achieve the country’s minimum essential force (MEF) target.

One of the efforts is by having an Air Force official in the PT DI office, so that communication will be intensified and the two institutions will be synergized,” Air Force spokesman Air Commodore Jemi Trisonjaya said Thursday on the sidelines of a focus group discussion held by the National Air and Space Power Center of Indonesia (NASPCI) in Jakarta.

The event was held to discuss synergy among stakeholders in the defense industry to support the country’s efforts to meet the MEF.

https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-nITku4ngnPA/V6MvbQ3zONI/AAAAAAAAItc/_HWp40cYkogPjHPPIe8aLybdVhfk68z2wCPcB/s1600/13724697_New%2BCN-235%2BMPA%2BTNI-AU.%2BCredit%2Bto%2BMarchel..jpgCN235 MPA TNI AU [Marchel]

The Air Force chief of staff’s deputy assistant for planning, Air Commodore Arif Mustofa, who also participated in the discussion, said communication between PT DI and the Air Force was crucial.

We order many helicopters and military planes from PT DI, but we have found the same old obstacles, including delays in delivery and failure to meet our [product] requirements,” he said.

PT DI president director Budi Santoso, meanwhile, applauded the idea to enhance communication between the two institutions.

We also have challenges [in production]. For instance, when we are ready to produce an aircraft, the supplier of certain components has closed its factory. As consequence, we have to switch the components with other alternatives,” he said. (hwa)

  The Jakarta Post  

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