Rabu, 17 Februari 2016

Bell sells first 429s to Indonesian police

Bell Helicopter has secured a number of firsts at the Singapore show, including the sale of a pair of twin-engined 429s to the Indonesian police. It marks the start of a fleet renewal process for the country’s law enforcement service, which will require new helicopters for each of its 32 provinces to replace a fleet of aged MBB Bo-105s.

Patrick Moulay, vice-president global sales and marketing, says: “It is a big endorsement for Bell that they have chosen the 429 to kick-off the replacement process.

There is no guarantee that the 429 will be chosen for the entire requirement, however, with a “step-by-step” acquisition process, conducted as and when budget becomes available. Delivery of the first two helicopters is scheduled for October.

Elsewhere in the region, Bell has also secured a first sale of its developmental 505 light single in the Philippines, with an order for a single example placed by PhilJets. In addition Simrik Air is to acquire the first 407GXP in Nepal.


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