Sabtu, 20 Februari 2016

Two members of armed group in Aceh surrender

Two members of an armed criminal group in Aceh province gave themselves up to the police after remaining on the wanted list for several years.

"They surrendered of their own will. They felt they had better surrender rather than have the police continuously on their heels," Chief of the Aceh Provincial Police, Inspector General M Husein Hamidi, said here on Friday.

The two members of the armed criminal group were identified as Raja Rimba and Samsul alias Taun.

They surrendered before the East Aceh district police on Tuesday (February 16) and handed over an AK56 rifle with magazines and 10 bullets and an FN gun with 37 bullets and a uniform.

"The criminal offense they ever committed was the abduction of a foreigner working for an oil mining company in East Aceh some time ago. They released the victim a few days after abducting him," he said.

The members of the armed criminal group claimed that they were not former combatants, and had rather formed an armed group for making money, he said.

The police are still studying whether the Raja Rimba armed group was linked to the Din Minimi armed group whose members surrendered to the head of the State Intelligence Board (BIN) some time ago.(*)

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