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Boeing in talks with potential Asia-Pacific customer for Maritime Surveillance Aircraft

Boeing has begun talks with a potential customer in the Asia-Pacific region for the Maritime Surveillance Aircraft The MSA is being pitched to operators looking for a maritime surveillance platform but without the high-end anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare capabilities. [Tribunnews]

Boeing is currently in discussions with a potential customer in the Asia-Pacific region for its Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA), James Detwiler, who oversees global sales and marketing at the company, said on 16 February.

Detwiler was responding to a question from IHS Jane's during a media briefing at the Singapore Airshow 2016 in which he gave updates on the latest developments on the Bombardier Challenger 605 business jet-based aircraft.

"The interest we have received for the MSA truly is global," said Detwiler, who described ongoing talks with the potential Asia-Pacific customer as "very optimistic". "The MSA has been equipped with the same mission systems as the P-8A Poseidon and is well suited to tackle maritime piracy and maritime border security challenges in this region," he said, adding that there has also been interest from Europe and the Middle East.

According to an IHS Jane's report from October 2015, the Boeing MSA has been equipped with the P-8A Poseidon mission system, the Selex ES Seaspray 7300 active electronically scanned array radar, and a FLIR Systems Star Safire 380 electro-optic/infrared turret. The aircraft, which has an endurance of in excess of eight hours in maritime patrol profile, can accommodate two pilots and between three and five mission crew members.

Detwiler has, however, declined to disclose any further details on the potential customer with which the company is currently in talks, saying only that the country is not an operator of the company's P-8A Poseidon.

  IHS Janes  

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