Jumat, 19 Februari 2016

Hand Over of C-130H A-1334 Hercules to TNI AU

C-130H Hercules A-1334 taxies under a water arch after being handed over from the Royal Australia Air Force to Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Udara at a ceremony at RAAF Base Richmond. (RAAF)

C-130H Hercules A-1334 transport aircraft sold to the Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU) has completed maintenance and modification work at RAAF Base Richmond.

RAAF Base Richmond Senior Australian Defence Force Officer Air Commodore Richard Lennon, CSC presented Commanding Officer 31st Squadron TNI-AU Lieutenant Colonel Wisoko 'Wish' Aribowo with the keys to C-130H Hercules A-1334 during a handover ceremony on 08 Feb 2016.

The RAAF retired the last of its 12 C-130Hs in November 2012, and offered four of these aircraft for transfer to the TNI-AU. Another five C-130Hs, along with simulator and spare parts, are being sold to the TNI-AU at a discounted rate. These C-130Hs will further enhance Indonesia’s capacity to respond to natural disasters and humanitarian crisis.

  ★ Aus DoD  

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