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TNI-AL debuts CN-235-220 MPA in showcase of Indonesian aerospace capability

The Indonesian Navy is premiering its new maritime patrol aircraft at an international air show. Showcase a reflection of Indonesia's ambition to capture the growing market for maritime patrol platformsThe TNI-AL CN-235-220 maritime patrol aircraft on display at Singapore Airshow 2016. [IHS/Ridzwan Rahmat]

The Indonesian Navy (Tentara Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Laut, or TNI-AL) has dispatched its CN-235-220 maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) to an international air show for the first time in a bid to further promote the country's indigenous aerospace capabilities.

The aircraft, with serial number P-862, is the last of three MPAs ordered by the Indonesian Ministry of Defence under a contract worth USD 80 million awarded to state-owned aircraft manufacturer PT Dirgantara in December 2009. The MPA was handed over to the TNI-AL in late 2014.

"The aircraft has several improvements over an earlier version of the [Indonesian Air Force's] CN-235 that was here [for an earlier iteration of the Singapore Airshow] in 2008", said Lieutenant Colonel Batos Leksono, a squadron leader from Skuadron Udara 200 and a pilot of the MPA, on 18 February at Singapore Airshow 2016. "This includes winglets that have now increased aircraft's range, payload, and stability", he said.

Other improvements include the introduction of larger bubble windows, one each on the port and starboard sides for better visibility in search-and-rescue missions, and a two-station operator console that features improved maritime patrol and ASW missions systems.

The TNI-AL MPA is equipped with the Thales Airborne Maritime Situation & Control System (AMASCOS) 200 MPA mission suite, the Thales Airborne Systems and EADS Ocean Master 400 airborne maritime patrol radar and the AN/ASQ 508A magnetic anomaly detection system from CAE. The platform is powered by twin General Electric CT7-9C turboprop engines and can attain a maximum speed of 230 kt.

"The sector from Juanda [where the MPA is based] to Singapore is a good opportunity for our crew to familiarise [itself] with longer operations over water and at the same time do a part to promote Indonesia's aerospace industry", said Leksono, who added that he hopes to be back at the next iteration of the Singapore Airshow.

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