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Small Arms Revolution

Indonesia is becoming self-sufficient in small arms and ammunition production through its domestic armaments manufacturer PT Pindad. https://www.pindad.com/uploads/images/product/full/SS2-V5-A1-alt.jpgMore than Milion SS 2 V5 Pindad ordered by Indonesia Police

Pindad launched four new weapon types during a ceremony at the MoD on 9 June. They are: the 7.62mm SS3 assault rifle, 5.56mm SS2-V7 Subsonic assault rifle, 9mm PM3 submachine gun and 9mm G2 Premium automatic pistol.

The SS3 is an upgrade of the in-service SS2 assault rifle. Pindad said, ‘The SS3 uses 7.62mm ammunition and has been designed as a designated marksman rifle for use in assault teams that require a high level of accuracy.

Silmy Karim, former CEO of Pindad, revealed that the Indonesian Army’s KOPASSUS special forces was assessing the SS3 for potential service. The 5.1kg weapon featuring a 20-round magazine was actually exhibited at Indo Defence 2014, at which time officials said it was available in three variants: standard, commando and long barrel (the latter for snipers), with a listed range of 950m.

http://jakartagreater.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/pindad-sub-machine-gun-e1465747682542.jpgPM3 Pindad

Pindad manufactures approximately 40,000 SS2-series rifles annually. Indonesia’s police ordered more than one million third-generation 5.56mm SS2-V5 rifles with folding buttstock and Picatinny rails, but that particular model was not widely taken up by the Indonesian Army. The 725mm-long, 3.35kg rifle (without magazine) was designed specifically to be lighter so as to be suitable for vehicle crews and airborne troops.

The SS2-V7 Subsonic is the newest member of the family. Boasting a silencer and subsonic ammunition, it ‘is suitable for special operations that require silent-manoeuvre special forces use,’ according to the manufacturer. The SS2-V7 features a 30-round magazine, and its effective range is listed as 150-200m.

The gas-operated PM3 submachine gun firing 9mm ammunition ‘has been conceived for close-range operations, hostage rescue situations and urban warfare,’ Pindad said. The selective-fire weapon operates on the blowback principle, and is an evolution of the existing PM2. It has a folding stock and fore-grip. Its effective range is 75m, and its rate of fire is 750-850 rounds per minute.

http://i1.wp.com/militermeter.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/wp-image-1778915091jpg.jpg?resize=678%2C381G2 Premium Pindad

The final item in the batch of four weapons, the 9mm G2 Premium, weighs 1.05kg and has a 15-round magazine. It has a 25m effective range. The Premium evolved from the in-service G2 Combat 9x19mm pistol, the standard sidearm of the Indonesian Armed Forces and Indonesian National Police.

The market is showing high enthusiasm for the G2 Premium for the Indonesian Army and the police. We’re also promoting these new weapons for export market,’ a spokesman revealed to LWI.

Pindad also makes sniper rifles. The SPR-3 is a 7.62x51mm bolt action dedicated sniping rifle, while the SPR-2 is a 12.7mm anti-materiel rifle. Both these weapons are in service with Indonesian special forces. The former (which measures 1.25m long and weighs 6.94kg) has an effective range of 900m, while the latter’s range is quoted as 2,000m by the manufacturer. The SPR-2 is 1.755m long and weighs 19.5kg.

As well as small arms, Pindad makes ammunition, including the green-tipped MU-3 12.7mm round that the manufacturer calls ‘BLAM’, which in Indonesian refers to a high explosive, incendiary, armour-piercing round. This 118g round designed for use against lightly armoured vehicles was developed specifically for the .50-cal SPR-2 anti-materiel rifle.

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