Selasa, 08 Desember 2015

[World] Yemeni Rebel Army Wreck Six Saudi Warship With Missiles Since October

Iranian MediaYemen Rebels

The Yemeni rebel army with a backing from Houthi Ansarullah movement have hit a sixth Saudi warship by a missile since October 7 this year.

According to PressTv which quoted a Yemeni Arabic al-Masirah news website, the Yemeni rebel army hit a Saudi military vessel by a missile off Mukha coast in Ta’izz early on Saturday.

It was the sixth naval ship belonging to Riyadh and its allies that have been destroyed since October 7. The warship was wrecked after it repeatedly fired rockets on residential areas in Ta’izz. The first Saudi warship was destroyed off the south-western coast of Yemen.

Saudi Arabia has deployed its vessels around the coasts of Yemen in an attempt to support its airstrikes and to maintain a crippling blockade on the poorest nation of the Arabian Peninsula.

Meanwhile, Saudi warplanes pounded the Yemeni provinces of Sa'ada, Ta’izz, and Ma’rib. No reports on possible casualties and the extent of damage were immediately available.


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